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Glitter Glamour Beard Portraits

Updated: May 29

It seems as though the best ideas always start with a crazy idea! I will admit that I have had my fare share of crazy ideas before, haven't we all?... Although I cannot take sole ownership of this "trend", I can proudly say that I participated and to my surprise it was not an epic fail!

I came across this epic-ness during one of my random Facebook scrolls out of sheer boredom. Then, suddenly, the most glorious thing I had ever seen stopped me mid-scroll. Ah-mazing!! It's glory was burned into my retinas. I couldn't stop staring. I screenshot it about 50 times just to make sure I had it. Such inspiration! My thought's started racing... I MUST DO THIS!!

A couple days past and I found myself unable to concentrate on anything else. I started thinking about how to properly execute such a magnificent thing. I'm a planner. I started with a mental list of what I would need... Item 1 being glitter. Lots and LOTS of glitter. Item 2 being a beard... Yeah... @%$#

My husband, being the awesome man he is was fully accepting of my idea, which I saw on the internet SO it must be the best and not to mention the safest idea ever, and he said "YES!! Of course! I LOVE glitter!"... I think he was being sarcastic though because days, weeks, months went by with no ensuing glitter epic-ness occurred.

Lucky for all of us I am no quitter! I started dropping subtle hints. " When are you going to let me dump gallons of glitter on your beard?", " I'm not going to stop asking until you let me do this.", " You know we are married so technically your beard is half mine."... You know subtlety is key in situations like this.

A couple more months of subtle hint dropping go by.

Fast forward to March 16th, 2018. The day before Saint Patrick's Day. The children are all home on spring break. So the hubs and I are relaxing and watching Moana as the children are tearing up the house. Typical "Spring Break is almost over thank you God" scenario. When my husband says to me... " I have to go to the store tomorrow do I need to pick up some glitter or do we have any?" Y'all, if I had heart problems that would have did me in.

After educating ourselves with some informative YouTube glitter beard tutorials, we were both finally ready! FINALLY!! I was so excited I couldn't sleep that night.

Saint Patrick's Day 2018 was the best day of my life!

I present to you... Glitter Glamour Beard Portraits

Enjoy <3 <3

I have to give a shoutout to my husband! He was such a good sport! He loves the photos and even has one as his profile picture!!!! #Win #GlitterBeard

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